How to Order from Outside Indonesia

If you are outside the territory of Indonesia, you can order our products via email ( in the following ways:

  1. Choose the product you want on this website, record the code or product name.
  2. Send it via email (Hubungi Kami / Contact Us form) which is at the bottom of this website. List: name, full address, type of currency for payment.
  3. After we receive the order data, we will reply to your email about the amount you have to pay, our bank account and the estimated length of delivery of the package to your address.
  4. If you agree, please transfer the total amount to our bank account.
  5. Send the transfer proof via email or WhatsApp to 08179322900.
  6. We will wait for your transfer to enter our account. Usually waiting 4-6 days.
  7. After the transfer into our account, we will inform you via email that your transfer / payment has been received.
  8. The product package of your choice is immediately sent to your address.


- Do not transfer / pay before you receive from us about the total amount that you must pay (point 3).